Monday, September 21, 2009

Young delegates invaded MVBYF, by: Thesbie Janne C. Magayano

The 58th Mindanao Visayas Baptist Youth Fellowship was held at the Mt. Carmel International Convention Center in Kinuskusan, Bansalan, Davao del Sur last April 6 to 11, 2009 with the theme, “Saved to Serve: The Call Part II”.

The said event was organized by the vigorous MVBYF staff and volunteers.

The Digos City Southern Baptist Church praise and worship team lead the one-week revival for this year's camp.

Pastor Alex Hernandez the , blithesome pastor from Pasay Baptist Church, was the speaker for this event.

Many said that this year's camp was the most exciting one because the number of delegates this year doubled. More than 400 youth delegates from different parts of Visayas and Mindanao gathered at Mt. Carmel as these energetic young people share the same aim: that is, serving GOD through bringing out the best of what they have.

The delegates was subdivided by the staff into 8 teams: Harmony, Charity, Blooper, Farly, Psaltina, Melody, Psalty and Rhythm. These are names of the characters taken from the Christian musicale entitled, “Kids Praise”.

The teams gave all their best in creating their yells and cheering steps.

Colorful banners were also raised as each teams were called to present their yells.

Teamwork and cooperation is very much evident during this time since delegates from each team would like their team to be recognized.

There were also other activities in which the teams strive harder in order for them to take the lead. Though this is a competition, the teams proved that this competition would be a friendly one and that they did it for God's glory.

It is not only in the games that the teams were engaged in. There were assigned speakers from morning until afternoon that discussed about some topics related to the theme which are very essential to young people's minds.

The speakers mainly talked about mission and the like, which encouraged many to participate with the discussion.

Of course, the camping experience would never be that exciting without this thing which made some mayors in different teams boil their heads in turmoil: overflowing demerits.

Well, RULES are RULES. If you don't follow it, then suffer the consequences.

Demerits truly irritates not only the mayors from different teams, but the members as well. Despite these demerits being announced before lunchtime by kuya Julz (one of the MVBYF Staff), the irritation of the teams just faded and even laughed after that.

The MVBYF Camp ended giving awards to the best mayor, best campers, best first-time campers and of course to the best teams. The third place goes to the Psaltina Family, the second goes to the Harmony Family and the over-all champion for this year's camp is the Blooper Family.

by: Thesbie Janne C. Magayano

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