Monday, September 21, 2009

MVBYF Camp, by: Karla Diane A. Leones

Five days annually of challenging and connecting into the lives of the youth, having these two basic philosophy of the entire evangelical ministry, that is internal “Engage in the Word” as well as external “ To change the world”. This is the Mindanao Visayas Baptist Youth Fellowship (MVBYF), where the sovereign living God is the center of this entire camp.
Since the youthful days of my grandmother down to my mother up to now to my entire generation, this MVBYF had never stopped spreading the gospel, touching people’s lives and continues opening its door to the youth especially to the unbelievers. This is the work and power of the Holy Spirit, He leads when He knows that He will be glorified!
MVBYF camp is usually held at the beautiful ambiance of Mt. Carmel Baptist Assembly, Kinuskusan, Bansalan, Davao Del Sur. Oh! How I love listening to the sound of the tiny crickets and frogs, feeling the coldness of the place, and looking at the blinking lights of fireflies covering the trees. Amazing isn’t it? That’s the beauty of nature given by God. Wonderful! That’s why, it is a good place for camping.
For four consecutive years of joining this camp, I’ve experienced a lot of sacrifices like sleeping late at night, waking up and taking a bath as early as 3 o’clock in the morning. Imagine! Honestly, these are the unusual things that happened into my entire life! But, this doesn’t mind me at all. Actually, this camp is full of fun! Everyday I get more excited about the upcoming activities, be friends with other youths, looking forward to the main events every night, and being inspired upon seeing our new crushes for that camp and exchanging phone numbers with them. LOL! That’s hilarious! Also, there are a lot of excitements like the hardest among the hardest, extreme, exciting, tiring, muscle-aching, challenging or whatever kind of game you want to call it. But, what I like most about the games is that there is a corresponding life lesson to it. Balanced diet meals are also not exempted. Thanks for that anyway! Well, these are just the physical upliftment of this camp. What matters most is that every camper breaks their own sound of silence, explore oneself to friendship to other youths of different churches in whole Mindanao, and learn life’s most meaningful lessons each day.
This camp would not be a success without accomplishing the main task, “Go into the world and preach the good news! “. Witnessing, sharing own testimonies and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the remote areas near the site are the main highlights for this entire camp. It’s a serious challenge for every young people who wants to volunteer to join the mission trip. Although, like what I had experienced, there’s really a lot of a sacrifices like walking how many meters inside the forest and off the roads, being exposed under the blazing heat of the sun and entering a place that seems dangerous to me. But the thing is whatever we do, we glorify the Lord and we made Him smile because we are doing His will. God is with us! All things are possible for good to those who believe in Him. He protects, He loves, He sees! Truly, this MVBYF camp can develop your love to the Lord and this will give you the joy in sharing Him to people!
The officers and the staffs together with the lecturers and the speakers have a great contribution to this camp. Yeah!...They are our mentors and most of all, our ideal leaders. They helped us develop our gifts and talents. These leaders spend time in giving encouragement from the word of God and lectures to enhance our spiritual growth and become mature believers.
My hope and desire that this MVBYF will continue to grow in shaping, molding, building young people’s lives in the ministry and the calling to share the good news of Jesus about His Salvation!
by: Karla Diane A. Leones

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